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Best LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Service in Dehradun

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

Dry Clean

For Expensive, Fancy And Heavy Items

starting ₹ 69/pc

Delivers in 48 Hours


Wash & Fold

Affordable laundry services

starting ₹ 59/kg

Delivers in 72 Hours

Wash & Iron

Preferred for regular and formals

starting ₹ 89/kg

Delivers in 72 Hours

Premium Laundry

Tailored specifically for formals & premium wear

starting ₹ 149/kg

Delivers in 48 Hours

Shoe Cleaning

The shine that matters

starting ₹ 250/pr

Delivers in 48 Hours

Steam Press

Removes wrinkles completely

starting ₹ 10/pc

Delivers in 48 Hours


Starching your clothes adds crispness and structure

starting ₹ 25/pc

Delivers in 48 Hours

Sofa Cleaning

Starching your clothes adds crispness and structure

starting ₹ 250/seat

Best sofa cleaners in your city.


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    dry cleaners in dehradun

    Best Laundry Service in Dehradun

    Laundrywala in dehradun follows professional approach to laundry and a team of experts work to take utmost care of your clothes. It uses advanced machinery and techniques to provide the best laundry in dehradun and dry cleaning service in Dehradun. At the facility, pockets and sides of dresses are checked thoroughly to ensure that nothing important ends up being washed or gets ruined. Furthermore, light and dark color clothes are separated and washed using cold water to preserve color and fabric of your expensive garments.

    Laundry Service Near Me, Now With Free Delivery

    Are you in searching best online laundry service in Dehradun? Welcome to Laundrywala the best laundry service in Dehradun. We are going to offer you the best wash clothes services in Dehradun city! Laundrywala company provides cheap laundry service for your laundry apparels.

    Laundrywala is a team owned business that is well-respected and highly promised for the week we do, we specialize in all sorts of 
    online laundry service & online Dry cleaning service in Dehradun with free pickup and delivery

    Dry Cleaning Service Near Me in Dehradun

    Laundrywala have the full portfolio of Dry Cleaning services in Dehradun – be it laundry for daily home wear, office clothes or even for your woollen clothes (only washable woollen clothes are processed under woollen laundry service. Dry Clean only clothes can’t be processed under woollen laundry).

    In all the laundry services in Dehradun, imported American machines are used to wash and dry the clothes. Then Italian equipment are used to steam iron the clothes, and give them crisp and wrinkle free finish. Express delivery option is available for all our laundry services in Dehradun.

    Frequently Asked Question

    1Please elaborate on list of Laundrywala laundry services in Dehradun?

    We are the best laundry in India for wash and fold (dry wash service), wash and steam iron, premium laundry, and woollen laundry services

    2Why is Laundrywala the best laundry in Dehradun?

    Our services are trusted by 1 lac+ customers across 65 cities. We are the only brand which washes each customer’s clothes separately. We use organic chemicals from US company Diversey, and from German company Seitz, which makes our process color bleeding and shrinkage proof. With our special Whitex process, your white clothes get 3 shades brighter.

    3How to avail services from a Laundrywala laundry shop in Dehradun?

    To schedule an online pickup, you can call us on 8650865586 or visit our website www.laundrywala.in.in. You can also place order online through our mobile app available on the android play store and apple app store. We provide free home pickup & delivery.

    4Do you provide online laundry service in Dehradun?

    Yes, you can place your laundry order online through our website or through our mobile app. We provide free home pickup & delivery at all our shops across India.

    5Can I walk-in and drop my clothes to a Laundrywala laundry shop?

    Yes, you can drop your clothes at nearest Laundrywala laundry shop. We will update you once they are ready, and you can pick them up. Check your nearest Laundrywala laundry shop.

    6Does Laundrywala have any option of express delivery for laundry services?

    Yes, we do provide express service with same day or 1 day delivery at all our shops across India.

    7Does Laundrywala provide steam press (iron) service?

    Yes, Laundrywala provides steam press/ironing service at all its stores. Charges for steam press service are per piece and depend on the actual item.

    8Does Laundrywala remove stains in laundry service?

    We remove basic stains from cuff, collar in our laundry service. For a complete stain removal solution along with garment cleaning, please opt for our world class dry cleaning services.


    Recent Reviews

    Yes, if you have ever spent 3 or 4 hours in your apartment laundry room; change your perspective. I spent one minute putting the clothes in the bags and 1 minute unpacking them after being delivered. We’ve been doing all wrong. My time is worth more!

    book2 pic7
    Priya Negi

    Finest of all dry cleaners near me. Laundrywala, is really good at dealing with delicate clothes. They have cleaned all my silk clothes and none of them got damaged during the process. I really like the team for their good work.

    book2 pic8
    Supriya Tiwary

    One of the most hassle-free laundry & dry clean services I have ever tried. Their app makes it very easy to send clothes for laundry. Also, I don’t have any tension of counting and checking clothes after delivery because they always ensure high quality service .

    book2 pic9
    Sweta Yadav