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Our premier Shoe Cleaning services are available in 20 various cities. Our doorstep service and high-quality care are second to none, and we keep our pricing low.

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We care about your Shoes

As a one-stop shop, we can take care of all your shoe cleaning requirements. Find out why so many people in the area recommend Laundrywala for all their shoe care needs and see why it’s the best option.

Our shoe cleaning services are ideal for those who are always on the go, such as students or remote workers, and guarantee both extra time and pristine footwear. We give your shoes the TLC they deserve so you may step out in style wherever the day takes you. Washmart offers a top-notch shoe dry cleaning service, so your feet always look their best.

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All types of Shoes Cleaning Services

Sports shoes

Our wash and fold service guarantees clean, neatly folded clothes, ready to wear.

Suede & Leather shoes

Crisp, Wrinkle-free ironing. Clothes handled by Skilled professionals. Affordable prices

High heels & sandals

Preserve your washable woolens' quality and softness with our specialized service

How We Provide The Best Shoes Cleaning Services In India.

With our unique 6 stage process we ensure 100% Safety of Your Shoes

Feel the difference, yourself
  • Inspection

    Our shoe-cleaning experts check the material and condition of your shoes.

  • Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal

    Spots or stains are removed. Shoes are deep cleaned with German Pro-fabric chemicals.

  • Deodorizing & Anti-Bacterial

    All the bacteria, viruses and bad odours are eliminated after shoe cleaning.

  • Drying

    Shoes are Air Dried, Blow Dried, or Sun Dried, depending on the fabric type.

  • Shoe Nourishment

    Shoe skin is nourished & enriched with our unique natural oil-based polish

  • Assembling

    Shoe cleaning experts reassemble all the parts and beautifully pack them for delivery.


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To offer the best shoe cleaning services, we clean every part of your shoe, including the laces, soles, and straps.

We offer shoe cleaning services. Depending on the material of the shoes, we use different cleaners and methods to clean them. We always test clean a small area first to make sure the process won’t hurt the things.

Next, our professional shoe cleaning service will make sure that every part of your shoes is clean. This includes:

  • External Cleaning: Laces, Outer lining, Outer shoe fabric, Buckles, Straps, Tassels, etc.
  • Inside Cleaning: Inner sole, Midsole, Inner shoe fabric, etc.

We clean shoes with chemicals made by pro-fabric and tools that are known all over the world. Keeping in mind WHO and CDC hygiene guidelines, we also focus on sanitation. Lastly, we kill bad smells with German deodorizers. People like our shoe cleaning services because of these reasons.

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We offer the best shoe repair services to fix your shoes so they look and feel good again.

Your shoes need to be fixed so that they can stand up to the effects of wear and tear and other kinds of damage. We know how to fix every type of damage that can happen to a shoe. Here’s what we do to give you the best shoe repair services:

• Minor Stitching
• Sole Pasting
• Damaged Collar Replacement
• Inner Lining Replacement
• Heel Replacement
• Sole Replacement
• Laces Replacement
• Gluing Shoe Soles
• New Elastic Placement
• Metal Hardware Polishing
• Wrinkle Removal
• Recoloring OR Shoe Dyeing
• Strap Replacement
• Shoe Fabric Replacement
• Fancy Patchwork



If you’re tired of wearing the same pair, our experts can give your shoes a whole new look. You can change the shoe height, the color, add tassels, and a lot more. With our shoe repair services, you can pretty much get any change you want and give your old shoes a new look and feel.

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We offer quality shoe protection and nourishment services to keep your shoes free of dust, dirt, water, and stains.

If you want your shoes to last as long as possible without needing to replace them, it’s essential to keep them dry, clean, and free of stains and dirt. For this reason, we provide the following care for your shoes:

Waterproofing: Waterproofing prevents water from entering the shoe, whether from rain or other sources. The upper of the shoe is treated with a high-quality nano-coating that repels water. To maximize its protective effects, we use a few thin coatings rather than one thick one.

Shoe Conditioning/ Transparent protective coating:  Your shoes should be able to fight dirt, dust, fungus, and bacteria. To do this, we put on a thin, clear layer of Mink & Lanolin oil to cover it.

Shoe polishing: People don’t care enough about polishing, but it’s actually more important than you think. If you use polish that isn’t of good quality, it won’t make your shoes shine as well, and it will also ruin the fabric of your shoes in the long run. We use the best shoe polish for the best results.

Re-glueing the shoes: Over time, the glue that keeps the insoles and bottom of your shoes together starts to break down. If you don’t pay attention to it, it can slowly stop working. So, our experts take off the old glue and put on new glue to make your shoes last longer.

De-yellowing: Light-colored shoes, especially white ones, turn a pale yellow color after being worn a lot and getting dirty. We use special chemicals to remove the oxidation and make the white shine again.

Sole protection: With the help of a heat gun, we use an undersole shield to protect your sole from wear and tear and other damage.

Crease protection: When your feet move around inside the shoes, the top side gets creases that don’t look good. So, we put a guard against folds inside the toe box.


Your shoes will always be safe, even if they get wet or dirty. Sending your favorite shoes to a Laundrywala store is the easiest way to keep them safe.

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Discover why investing in a laundry franchise is a lucrative and sustainable business decision.

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Our clients praise us for great service.

Great service. I got multiple jackets and shoes dry cleaned. Laundrywala is very polite and prompt with his action. I would recommend getting the prepaid coupons to avail extra discounts!

Sourav Bose

They were so helping and considerate as I needed my clothes asap and they did it even before their given time. Moreover, they especially came to drop my clothes at home once done. Great going, guys!!

laundrywala review
Aanchal Singh

Taking their services since one year and I just go there for Laundry. Their wash & fold category is beyond the expectation. Highly recommended. Please go there & check it out

laundry review

Quite satisfied... tried almost all listed services in past few weeks, incuding carpet dry cleaning, shoes cleaning, quilt and blanket wash. Timely pick up and delivery, as assured.

laundrywala review
Parnay K

They are giving me pick-up services since last 3 years. Giving my clothes well dry-cleaned. I must say it is a best dry cleaning store in the city. Easy, Convenient and Excellent 👌🏻

laundrywala review
Simi Bella

Our Other Services

Discover the comprehensive range of services we offer at Laundrywala. We provide solutions tailored to your garment care needs.

We offer a wide range of services to cater to all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. 

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Have a question?

Laundrywala cleans all kinds of footwear, from leather and cotton to suede and even athletic shoes, boots, and heels.


It's simple to locate a nearby Laundrywala store where you may have your shoes cleaned. Using the store locator on our website, you can easily find a Laundrywala location in your area.

Shoe dry cleaning is a more gentle procedure, ideal for delicate materials like suede or designer shoes, whereas traditional shoe washing comprises a thorough cleaning and conditioning process. Laundrywala gives you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your footwear.


Laundrywala franchise shops offer laundry and dry cleaning and shoe cleaniing services to customers. Laundrywala came up with the idea of "live stores" where processing is done at the front end outlet itself. This makes sure that the customer has all the information they need (similar to the open kitchen idea), and it also cuts down on the time it takes to serve the customer and the costs of the supply chain by a large amount.

Laundrywala's shoe cleaning prices differ based on the type of cleaning needed, the material of your shoes, and the number of extra services you need. Our website and app (Android, iOS) both have complete price lists for your perusal.


Yes, Laundrywala offers cleaning services for both leather and fabric shoes. Our cleaning methods are made for each type of shoe material to make sure they are effective and safe.

Laundrywala cleans and restores the look of shoes by using special methods and high-quality products. Our trained staff gets rid of dirt, spots, and smells while keeping the shoes in good shape.

Yes, for sure. Laundrywala knows how to clean shoes with tough spots and scuff marks. Our experts use the right ways to clean and get rid of stains to get your shoes back to their best shape.

Unfortunately, Laundrywala does not offer sole replacement, heel repairs, or any other kind of shoe repair services.

Certainly, Laundrywala appreciates the worth of high-end footwear and cleans them with the utmost care. We have experts who know how to carefully and carefully handle expensive and fragile footwear.


There may be a few rare cases where we can't clean a certain material or model of shoe. For more information on which fabrics and designs are not washable, please contact us or visit our website.

When to have your shoes professionally cleaned depends on a number of variables, including how often you wear them, where you live, and your personal taste. To keep them looking great and functioning properly, it's best to get them cleaned professionally once every few months.

Laundrywala does, in fact, provide shoe deodorizing services. The bad odors in your shoes will be gone when we use our specialist cleaning techniques.


If you need your shoes cleaned, you can rely on Laundrywala because they offer pickup and delivery services. If you use our website or app to schedule a pickup, we'll take care of everything else.

Absolutely. Cleaning sneakers and athletic shoes is one of Laundrywala's specialties. Our cleaning procedures are made to get rid of dirt, stains, and odors so that your athletic shoes are back in top shape.


Due to our dedication to quality, attention to detail, competent professionals, use of high-quality products, convenient services, and emphasis on customer satisfaction, Laundrywala stands out as the best shoe cleaning service in your area.

Laundrywala does, in fact, offer a shoe shine and polishing service. Shine and polish can be restored by our expertise, giving your shoes a like-new look.

They believe we have the greatest prices and service of any shoe cleaning in town. We also provide discounts to new clients. Items, sports shoes, and needlework all affect how much it costs to dry clean them. Before we collect, an expert from our company will double-check the item and verify the final price. Visit our price page for dry cleaning to learn more.

Yes, all of Laundrywala's shops have a steam press or ironing service. The price for a steam press service is based on the item and is charged per piece.

Each and every Laundrywala location does offer dry clean service. The cost of laundry service is calculated on a per-item basis.

Laundrywala gives a wide range of home cleaning services, such as sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, pillow case cleaning, mattress cleaning, and bedsheet cleaning.

Each and every Laundrywala location does offer laundry service. The cost of laundry service is calculated on a per-item basis.

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