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Laundrywala is a most Trusted Brand in Laundry & Dry Cleaning in India. With a strong reputation, proven business model, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Laundrywala offers a laundry and dry cleaning business opportunity for investors and aspiring entrepreneurs. Join our rapidly growing network of 30+ stores on our journey to become
the best laundry & dry clean business in India and reach
1000+ by 2030.

If you’re interested in a laundry franchise opportunity in India, We have entered a very unorganised market in India, and our goal is to give people there the choice of having their clothes washed by professionals. This is done with the help of technology, good machines, and good cleaning products that don’t change the way different fabrics look or feel.
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Why choose a Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchise

Discover why investing in a laundry franchise is a lucrative and sustainable business decision.


People always need laundry services because they need clean clothes and blankets.


Franchisees can do well in underserved areas since there is less competition in the laundry sector.


Customers are more likely to stick around and recommend your business if they are satisfied with the laundry service they receive.


Effective and clearly established procedures make running a laundry business easy to manage.


Investing in a laundry franchise can help you expand your business and meet the changing needs of your community.

With its consistent demand and evergrowing customer base, the laundry industry in India presents an exceptional opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Invest in Laundry Franchise, India's 7th Biggest Industry!

laundry franchise in india

A surprising number of individuals are unaware that the laundry industry is larger than well-known sectors like the fast food, diagnostic labs, and beauty & wellness.

India Laundry and Dry Clean Service Market Report 2020: The $35.83 Billion Market is Forecast to Grow at a CAGR of 4.96% – Increasing Working Class Population and Rising Disposable Income.

In India, the cleaning solutions business is just getting started, but it’s going to be the next big thing in consumer services. “Well begun is half done,” as the saying goes. Join hands with “Laundrywala,” the first company to offer online laundry and dry cleaning services in India, and start your way to success.

Trusted by thousands of people across the nation
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Start Your Laundry Franchise in India, Become an Entrepreneur

Laundrywala is a known name in India when it comes to laundry and dry cleaning. Customer happiness goes up because we focus on quality, personalised services, new technology, and trained staff. Our clients get the best service and help from us.
If you want to start a laundry business in India, we’d love to have you join us. Our management team is here to help you get the most out of your investment by giving you great training and support.

Don’t miss your chance to become a key player in the laundry and dry clean business. Join the Laundrywala laundry franchise network and embark on a lucrative and fulfilling business journey today!

Benefits of Owning a Laundrywala Franchise


Comprehensive Training Module

Marketing Support- Offline & Online

Dedicated Franchisee Helpdesk

Expert Customer acquisition

Multiple Growth Opportunity

Easy to open more stores

Our Franchise Business Model

Most Profitable and Affordable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchise


300-350 sq ft


12/16 Lakhs+ GST


4.5 lakhs + GST


3 months


70-80% Per Year


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As an entrepreneur, why is starting a laundry & dry cleaning franchise so promising?

From experience, we can tell you that a laundry franchise turns a profit fast. This is mostly because the general amount spent on equipment and products is not very high. We keep our prices low to dominate the market. This helps bring in more customers and makes sure that all of our stores have a steady and successful income.

Choose Your Own Franchise Success Story!

Are you ready to break out of the constraints of traditional business and accept the limitless possibilities of entrepreneurship? You get to decide.

Boost Your Potential​

Start your own Laundrywala franchise and reach your full potential. It’s cheap, not many people are doing it, and has limitless potential…

Stay with what you know​

Don’t risk missing out on large opportunities in the laundry market, which hasn’t been explored extensively, in favour of sticking to business as usual.

Our clients praise us for great service.

Great service. I got multiple jackets and shoes dry cleaned. Laundrywala is very polite and prompt with his action. I would recommend getting the prepaid coupons to avail extra discounts!

Sourav Bose

They were so helping and considerate as I needed my clothes asap and they did it even before their given time. Moreover, they especially came to drop my clothes at home once done. Great going, guys!!

laundrywala review
Aanchal Singh

Taking their services since one year and I just go there for Laundry. Their wash & fold category is beyond the expectation. Highly recommended. Please go there & check it out

laundry review

Quite satisfied... tried almost all listed services in past few weeks, incuding carpet dry cleaning, shoes cleaning, quilt and blanket wash. Timely pick up and delivery, as assured.

laundrywala review
Parnay K

They are giving me pick-up services since last 3 years. Giving my clothes well dry-cleaned. I must say it is a best dry cleaning store in the city. Easy, Convenient and Excellent 👌🏻

laundrywala review
Simi Bella

Have a question?

Starting a Laundry & Dry Cleaning franchise in India involves a straightforward and well-organized process that ensures your journey as a franchisee is smooth and successful.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to start a laundry franchise with us:

Initial Inquiry and Information Collection - Begin by expressing your interest in becoming a Laundry & Dry Cleaning franchisee. Reach out to us through our official website or contact our franchise team. Laundrywala's Team will provide you with essential information about our laundry & dry cleaning franchise opportunity, including investment details, services offered, and the benefits of joining our brand.


Discussion and consultation - Once you've gathered preliminary information, our franchise experts will engage in depth conversations with you. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, clear doubts, and gain a deeper understanding of the Laundry & Dry Cleaning franchise model. We will also discuss your investment capabilities, location preferences, and business goals.


Select Location - Select the right location is crucial for the success of your laundry franchise. Laundrywala franchise team will assist you in analyzing potential locations based on factors such as foot traffic, local demographics, and competition. Laundrywala aim to help you select a strategic and high-traffic area that aligns with our brand values.


Legalities and the Franchise Agreement - Once the location has been finalizing upon, you and We will sign a franchise agreement. The terms and conditions of the franchise partnership are outlined in this legally binding agreement. It addresses things like royalties, franchise fees, operating policies, and using Brand name and logo.


Store Setup and Design - Laundrywala's Team will offer direction and assistance when establishing your franchise laundry store. This involves creating the layout, interior decor, and signage, all of which reflect the professional and inviting atmosphere synonymous with our brand.


Training and Operational Support - As a franchisee, you will undergo comprehensive training to ensure you are well-equipped to manage and operate your Laundry franchise. Training covers various aspects, including customer service, equipment operation, quality control, and marketing strategies.


Grand Opening and Marketing - Once your store is ready, we'll assist you in planning a successful grand opening event. Our marketing team will take care of  promotional materials, strategies, and guidance to ensure a strong launch that captures the attention of your target audience.


Ongoing Assistance and Support - Your journey with Us doesn't end after the grand opening. We provide ongoing support in areas such as marketing campaigns, inventory management, troubleshooting, and continuous training to keep your franchise running smoothly.

Profitable Operations - With the combination of our proven laundry business model, state-of-the-art equipment, and established brand presence, you'll be well on your way to running a profitable laundry & dry cleaning franchise in India. As you serve your customers with high-quality services, you'll build a loyal clientele and contribute to the growth of your franchise.

A Laundry franchise is a type of business plan in which a franchisor gives a person or group (the franchisee) the right to run a business under its well-known brand name and tested system. For this right, the franchisee has to pay fees and profits.

Laundrywala gives people who want to be their own boss the chance to own and run their own laundry and dry cleaning service under the trusted Laundrywala name. As a franchisee, you'll be able to use our proven business plan, get training, and get help on an ongoing basis.

Laundrywala promises to help its partners in every way possible. We provide full training, help with setting up the store, marketing strategies, operational advice on an ongoing basis, and access to a network of other franchisees.

To become a Laundrywala franchisee, you don't need to have worked in the laundry or dry cleaning business before. We give you all the knowledge and tools you need to be successful.

Starting a Laundrywala franchise may require a different amount of money at first, based on location, store size, and other things. During the application process, we'll give you more information about the expected costs.

A standout dry cleaning and laundry franchise should consistently deliver high-quality services. This includes using advanced cleaning techniques, high-quality detergents, and skilled staff to ensure customers' clothes are cleaned and pressed to perfection.

The average length of time for a Laundrywala business is 5 years. After the first term is up, franchisees may have the choice to sign a new agreement.

Laundrywala's reputation as the best laundry franchise in India may stem from factors like superior service quality, customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and eco-friendly practices.

Yes, we support franchisees who want to open more than one location to do so with us. But the approval for each new site will depend on how the market is doing and other things.

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in learning more about opening a Laundrywala franchise in your area. We're here to answer any remaining questions you have and show you how to make money with a Laundrywala business.

Yes, the laundry franchise business is widely regarded as a recession-proof venture. In spite of economic ups and downs, a solid and vital business is a laundry service, because people will always require clean clothes and a dependable service.

Fill out the franchise inquiry form on our website or call our franchise development team to apply for a Laundrywala business. We'll help you through the application process, which includes talks, assessments, and deals.

Yes, Laundrywala's partners get help and training all the time. We want our franchisees to grow and be successful, so we give them regular updates, operational advice, help with marketing, and access to new ideas in the industry.

Contact us if you want to know more about how to become a Laundrywala partner. We're here to answer any other questions you may have and help you work with Laundrywala as a business partner.

What is the initial investment for a Laundrywala franchise? The initial investment for a Laundrywala franchise can vary, influenced by factors such as location and store size. We offer two investment options: Laundrywala Neo, priced at 12 lakhs +GST, and 16 lakhs +GST. If you require financial assistance, Laundrywala can help you secure bank loans by providing a comprehensive business project report. For specific cost details tailored to your situation, please reach out to us during the franchise application process.

Within 3 months of opening, 95% of Laundrywala shops reach operational breakeven. Because of this, about 35% of Laundrywala franchise owners have opened a second or more stores within 6 months of starting the company. This success has been repeated in metros, tier 2 and tier 3 towns by Laundrywala. With a return on investment of up to 80% per year, a Laundrywala franchise is the most obvious way to invest in a new business opportunity.

In metros and tier 1 cities, a Laundrywala franchise requires an investment of INR 16 lacs, while a franchise in a tier 2 or tier 3 town requires an investment of INR 12 - 14 lacs. Given that the investment recovery period is only about 2 years, a ROI of 80% per annum makes investments of 16 lacs/12-14 lacs highly justified. Laundrywala can help you secure a business loan from a bank if you are lack of funds.

Our team can help you set up a franchise in the laundry services industry. In that case, feel free to get in touch with us, and we'll do what we can to answer your questions.

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