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We care about your clothes.

If you need anything related to laundry, we can take care of it for you. Learn more about why customers have placed their trust in Laundrywala, India’s premier laundry service.

We guarantee that our laundry services will save you time and provide you with clean, pristine clothing, whether you are a student or a busy professional living away from home. We take great care with your laundry.

Types of Laundry Services We offer

Wash & Fold

Our "wash and fold" service makes sure that your clothes are clean and nicely folded, ready to wear.

Wash & Iron

Crisp ironing without wrinkles. Clothes are taken care of by skilled people. Reasonable prices.

Woolen Laundry

With our specialised service, your washing woollens will keep their quality and softness.

6 Steps to Care for Your Clothes Like No Other

We are the best laundry and dry cleaner near you because we have specialized equipment and skilled experts for each step.

Feel the difference, yourself
  • Sorting & Inspection

    Segregation basis care label, fabric type and color

  • Stain Treatment

    Italian spotting machines | American stain removing solutions

  • Processing

    World-Renowned Italian Dry cleaning machines | German Eco friendly cleaning solutions

  • Finishing

    Unique Steam Ironing equipment for each garment type

  • Quality Check

    Meticulous inspection of each item by experts

  • Packing

    Folded, Hanger or Vacuum packing as per your stated preference



Your one-stop shop for dry cleaning silk, cotton, velvet, and chenille drapes. When we clean your windows, we'll take down the curtains and re-hang them at no extra cost to you.

The only way to tell how dirty things really are is to either stand up and look at the curtain tops or take the curtains down and look at them closely. Most people are shocked to see how much dust and dirt has built up on and in their expensive soft furnishings when this is done, and because of the lack of routine maintenance, the only way to get them back to a good standard of cleanliness is to hire a professional cleaning service.

While soft furnishings may appear clean at first glance, this is usually not the case. The gradual nature of soiling makes its increasing severity difficult to detect. Moistening a clean white serviette or handkerchief and rubbing it across the threshold of a room is a quick and easy approach to determine whether or not the carpet needs to be professionally cleaned. A clean serviette or handkerchief has been tainted by the carpet’s apparent cleanliness. Keep in mind that the soiling penetrates deep within the pile in addition to appearing on the surface.


They bring you happiness and make you whole. But kids do add a little more work to your life. It's hard to believe that someone so small can make so many stains.

We can’t help you with everything that comes with being a parent, but we can take care of the laundry. Because infant skin is so delicate, care must be taken whenever anything comes into contact with it. When it comes to your baby, only the softest, most spotless items will do. This will help keep your infant comfortable and free from inflammation, allergies, and other aches and pains.

Stuffed animals and other soft toys are a child’s (initial) best friend. Stuffed toys are loved by many, but they take a beating and can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and grime. Keeping baby’s toys clean is equally as vital as keeping baby’s clothes and blankets clean. Mold, dust mites, and pet hair can all flourish in the warm, damp conditions provided by the fur and fuzz. You can imagine how this could harm a kid’s health if it wasn’t washed regularly.

sweater dry cleaning

sweaters, jeans, and pyjamas

During the cooler months, we sweat less, so you can wear your outer layers more than once before cleaning them, as long as they don't have any stains or smells.

It’s nice to bundle up in chilly weather, but remember that while extra clothing may keep you toasty, it also means more laundry. You may save time and money by doing less laundry and prolong the life of your sweaters if you know how to properly wash them for the season.

Trusted by thousands of people across the nation

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Why choose Us

Discover why investing in a laundry franchise is a lucrative and sustainable business decision.

Affordable Pricing

Prices that suits your pocket is one of our USP. An option of choosing between 2 types of pricing is available.

High Quality

We use the best in class products, to assure that your favorite clothes are always there for you to wear.

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Personalized Experience

We take utmost care of your clothes. segregating based on the cloth type and giving you instant clothes to make a

Instant Order Update

Regular updates of your order, to help you keep a track of your laundry and plan accordingly.



Save your time and energy. Just book your laundry online or drop it yourself at the laundrywala store near you.

Express Delivery

Forgot to wash your clothes for interview/business meeting, never mind. With our super express delivery, we would get your laundry done in less than 8 hours.



Convenience at its best, Get More Free Time for yourself

Our clients praise us for great service.

Great service. I got multiple jackets and shoes dry cleaned. Laundrywala is very polite and prompt with his action. I would recommend getting the prepaid coupons to avail extra discounts!

Sourav Bose

They were so helping and considerate as I needed my clothes asap and they did it even before their given time. Moreover, they especially came to drop my clothes at home once done. Great going, guys!!

laundrywala review
Aanchal Singh

Taking their services since one year and I just go there for Laundry. Their wash & fold category is beyond the expectation. Highly recommended. Please go there & check it out

laundry review

Quite satisfied... tried almost all listed services in past few weeks, incuding carpet dry cleaning, shoes cleaning, quilt and blanket wash. Timely pick up and delivery, as assured.

laundrywala review
Parnay K

They are giving me pick-up services since last 3 years. Giving my clothes well dry-cleaned. I must say it is a best dry cleaning store in the city. Easy, Convenient and Excellent 👌🏻

laundrywala review
Simi Bella

Our Other Services

Discover the comprehensive range of services we offer at Laundrywala. We provide solutions tailored to your garment care needs.

We offer a wide range of services to cater to all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. 

Get Your clothes cleaned, with just a tap of finger

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Have a question?

As a full-service laundry company, Laundrywala will clean, dry, and fold your clothing for you, leaving them in pristine condition and an orderly stack.

Absolutely! Here at Laundrywala, we know how to handle even the most delicate fabrics with the utmost care. To guarantee the safe and thorough washing of your delicate items, our trained staff employs specially designed cleaning procedures and gentle detergents.

The team at Laundrywala works hard to complete laundry orders as soon as possible. Depending on the quantity and intricacy of the products, a typical laundry order takes us between 24 and 48 hours to finish.

Laundrywala is India’s best laundry & dry clean chain with 30+ stores in 20 cities. To schedule an online pickup, you can call us on 8650865586 or visit our website You can also place order online through our mobile app available on the android play store and apple app store. We provide free home pickup & delivery.

Laundrywala franchise shops offer laundry and dry cleaning services to customers. Laundrywala came up with the idea of "live stores" where processing is done at the front end outlet itself. This makes sure that the customer has all the information they need (similar to the open kitchen idea), and it also cuts down on the time it takes to serve the customer and the costs of the supply chain by a large amount.

Our laundry procedure is designed to remove most stains, but some stains may not come out no matter how hard we try. To improve the odds of a successful stain removal, we hire trained personnel that are well-versed in stain removal processes.

To schedule an online pickup, you can call us on 8650865586 or visit our website You can also place order online through our mobile app available on the android play store and apple app store. We provide free home pickup & delivery.

Yes, Laundrywala will come and pick up and drop off your clothes for free. We can pick up your dirty clothes from the place you tell us and bring them back to you clean and folded.

Absolutely! If you have any specific requests for your laundry, Laundrywala is happy to hear them. We will try our best to meet your needs if you let us know what those needs are, whether they be related to temperature, detergent, or anything else.

Yes, Laundrywala does offer eco-friendly laundry choices. We try to use detergents that are good for the environment and do our work in a way that doesn't hurt the planet as much as possible.

Yes, Laundrywala works with residential as well as commercial users. Whether you need cleaning services for your home or for your business, we can take care of them quickly and well.

Shirts, jeans, dresses, underwear, socks, towels, and more are all acceptable items of apparel to bring to Laundrywala to be laundered.

Yes, Laundrywala does provide a "wash and hang" service for items that need to dry naturally. If you let us know, we'll make sure your clothes are hung up to dry in a way that keeps their form and structure intact.

Laundrywala offers a variety of laundry detergents that are designed to be gentle on a wide variety of fabrics and their associated sensitivities. Please let us know if you have any unique preferences or requirements, and we will do our best to meet your request to the best of our ability.

Yes, at Laundrywala, we carefully sort clothes by color and fabric type. This will guarantee that your garments get the care they need to retain their color and shape.

Your garments will not be washed alongside anyone else's. Each customer's laundry is kept completely separate and is handled by hand at Laundrywala to guarantee cleanliness, hygiene, and precision.

We believe that our dedication to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction sets Laundrywala apart from the competition. Our top priorities are providing our customers with great outcomes and making sure they have a pleasant time using our laundry services.

Laundrywala has quickly become India's go-to laundry service thanks to our commitment to our customers, speedy service, meticulous attention to detail, and affordable rates. Because of our dedication to quality, our clients have complete faith in us and continue to work with us.

Laundrywala's expert employees receive extensive training to guarantee that every customer receives the best possible service. To guarantee top-notch results, we implement cutting-edge methods, implement standard practices, and do quality checks at every stage of the laundry process.

The laundry procedures we employ in Delhi adhere to the standards set out by the World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. You can find out more by going to

They believe we have the greatest prices and service of any dry cleaner in town. We also provide discounts to new clients. Items, fabrics, and needlework all affect how much it costs to dry clean them. Before we collect, an expert from our company will double-check the item and verify the final price. Visit our price page for dry cleaning to learn more.

Yes, all of Laundrywala's shops have a steam press or ironing service. The price for a steam press service is based on the item and is charged per piece.

Each and every Laundrywala location does offer dry clean service. The cost of laundry service is calculated on a per-item basis.

Our shoe dry cleaning service can have your shoes looking like new in no time. Our shoe dry cleaning service will leave your canvas, sports, nubuck, and leather shoes looking brand new and pristine.

Laundrywala gives a wide range of home cleaning services, such as sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, pillow case cleaning, mattress cleaning, and bedsheet cleaning.

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