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    laundry franchise
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    Are you looking for a laundry franchise in Odisha?

    In terms of laundry and dry cleaning, Laundrywala is the most reputable brand. Best franchise business idea in Odisha. Our dedication to providing specialized, high-quality services, ongoing investment in cutting-edge technology, and skilled employee development increase our client focus. Additionally, we make certain that their customers receive the highest calibre of service and support. We encourage the aspiring best laundry franchise in Odisha to take advantage of the fresh franchising chances. The management team here is extremely devoted. By offering exceptional training and assistance, it is our responsibility to ensure that each person gets the most out of their investment.

    Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchise Opportunity in Odisha

    Franchise investing is something you should consider doing if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established businessperson seeking for fresh ideas to start your business. The advantages are many, but they also come with the guarantee of a higher return on investment, from its advantages for quicker growth to providing the benefits of minimal advertising expense. When you take into account the number of potential clients and the size of the Indian market as a whole, a dry cleaning franchise has a strong future.


    Not many people know that size of the Laundry industry is bigger than the size of popular industries like the beauty & wellness industry (including fitness & slimming centres, gyms, nutraceuticals, health supplements, salons, ayurvedic therapies, herbal therapies, spas, and cosmetic treatment), fast food industry (including major food chains like Dominos), labs industry ( including major chains like SRL, Dr Lal, etc).

    Laundry industry has been low key in the media till recently because of the lack of national brands. However, situation has changed dramatically now with huge investments coming in the industry, and lots of pan India brands emerging. This industry is now expected to explode just like food delivery (Swiggy, Zomato), UPI payments (PayTM, Phonepe), and online cabs (Ola, Uber).



    laundry franchise

    The Laundry & Dry cleaning franchise business offers a high scope of growth with High ROI, Low Risk and Zero Hassles.


    dry cleaning franchise


    laundry franchise in india
    Store Size
    250 Sq Ft
    Annual ROI
    Break Even Period
    3 Months
    Investment Recovery
    24 Months
    Monthly Profit
    1.7 Lakh
    Total Invested
    14.99 Lakh


      Frequently Asked Question

      1What is a franchising model/What does taking a franchise mean?

      A franchise is a business whereby the brand licenses its operations—such as its products, technology, branding, and knowledge to a franchise—in exchange for a franchise fee, and periodic royalty payments. When you take a well-established brand’s franchise, you get complete guidance on how to setup the business without you having to do any due diligence or research on where to open your shop, what machinery or raw materials to take, and what investments to make in technology. Brand also supports in customer acquisition & marketing.

      Moreover, during the course of operations, you get regular updates in technology, processes and products from the brand without you having to make any investments on the R&D and development of the same.

      2What is the difference between a start-up Vs a franchise business model?
      A start-up is your completely owned business which you establish from scratch. On the other hand, when you take a brand’s franchise business, you get the license to use the brand’s name, technology, products and processes for an upfront fee and then a periodic royalty. Detailed differences are highlighted in below table:
      Start-upFranchise Business
      You have to do full research, investment and execution on own for business location, product selection, raw materials vendor selection, customer segmentation and targeting, marketing and technology.Complete end to end support by the franchisor brand on everything. You don’t have to do research or investment in product, and technology.
      You have to do investment and R&D to keep your product & technology updated, which might reduce your ROI significantly if business scale is small.All the work to keep product & technology updated is done by the brand.
      You have to create your own brand value by making huge investments in branding & marketing.You can reap the fruits of national presence & recognition of brand without making huge investments.
      You can make your own business processes.You have to follow brand guidelines & processes.
      3What services does Laundrywala franchises provide to customers?

      Laundrywala franchise stores provide laundry and dry clean services to customers. Laundrywala has pioneered a unique concept of live stores wherein processing is done at the front end outlet itself. This ensures complete transparency to the customer (similar to open kitchen concept), plus it reduces service turn around time for customer and supply chain costs significantly.

      4Which is the world’s best business opportunity?

      There is no single business which is best at all points in time. All businesses have phases of high & low growth depending on industry life cycle and geography. Currently in India, laundry and dry clean business presents a very profitable business opportunity because 96% of the industry is unorganized and competition level is low. Plus, with population in urban apartments growing significantly, as well as more and more females preferring to be working professionals (and not housewives), laundry business is set for a huge growth phase over next 10 years.

      5What are the hygiene precautions that Laundrywala take?

      FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated) model means that you own all the assets in your franchise store, and you are also responsible for daily operations of the store, including all the monthly expenses that are incurred in business operations. Franchise brand takes a very small cut of gross revenues for providing its continuous expertise on an ongoing basis.

      FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model means that you own all the assets in your franchise store, but franchise brand is responsible for daily operations of the store, including all the monthly expenses that are incurred in business operations. Franchise brand will take a significant cut of the monthly profits for incurring the expenses and managing the store efficiently on your behalf.

      6Why Laundrywala is the best Indian franchise business opportunity?

      Laundrywala operates in laundry business which is worth $76bn, with more than 96% of it unorganized and with very low competition. Moreover, this business is growing at a very rapid phase and is expected to continue to do so over the next 10 years.

      Within laundry business, Laundrywala has carved out a market monopoly for itself with 25+ stores across 15+ cities (49% stores are in metros, and 51% stores are in tier 2 & 3 cities). 95% of the stores achieve breakeven within 3 months of the launch. With such a consistent success rate across such large number of stores, Laundrywala is surely one of the best franchise opportunities in India across all sectors.

      7What makes Laundrywala the most profitable franchise business opportunity in Odisha?

      95% stores of Laundrywala achieve operational breakeven within 3 months of launch. That’s the reason around 35% of franchise owners of Laundrywala have gone on to make further investments in 2nd and more stores within 6 months of joining Laundrywala. Laundrywala has replicated this success across metros, tier 2 and tier 3 towns. With ROI as high as 80% per annum, Laundrywala franchise is the most obvious route one must take when investing in a new business opportunity.

      8Why laundry is a unique business idea in Odisha?

      Laundry is one of the most under invested industries in India with a massive growth potential over the next 10 years. Today’s laundry industry is at a similar stage in its growth journey as ecommerce was 15 years back. In the next 10 years, this industry will see entry of both pan India brands as well as MNCs with significant investment across the value chain. Around 96% of the industry is currently unorganized and is catered to by local mom and pop stores, and dhobis. With new age customers preferring to pay premium for hygiene, quality and tech based convenience, unique business ideas like that of Laundrywala will surely capture the market in a very quick time.

      9Does Laundrywala provide franchise business in low investment?

      Laundrywala franchise requires investment of INR 15 lacs in metros and tier 1 cities, and INR 13 lacs in tier 2, tier 3 towns. With ROI as high as 95% per annum, investments of 15 lacs/13 lacs are very justified given that investment recovery period is only around 1 years. If you lack funds, Laundrywala can assist you in getting bank loans by providing business project report.

      10Where can I find Laundrywala franchising agreement?

      Laundrywala franchising agreement is available with our network team. Please contact us for the same, and our team will assist you with your queries.

      11Does Laundrywala give Master franchise?

      Laundrywala gives master franchise rights in certain high value locations only. If you are interested in our master franchise rights, please contact us and our team will assist you with your queries.


      Recent Reviews

      Yes, if you have ever spent 3 or 4 hours in your apartment laundry room; change your perspective. I spent one minute putting the clothes in the bags and 1 minute unpacking them after being delivered. We’ve been doing all wrong. My time is worth more!

      Priya Negi

      Finest of all dry cleaners near me. Laundrywala, is really good at dealing with delicate clothes. They have cleaned all my silk clothes and none of them got damaged during the process. I really like the team for their good work.

      Supriya Tiwary

      One of the most hassle-free laundry & dry clean services I have ever tried. Their app makes it very easy to send clothes for laundry. Also, I don’t have any tension of counting and checking clothes after delivery because they always ensure high quality service .

      Sweta Yadav