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Best LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Service In Dehradun


Dry Clean

For Expensive, Fancy And Heavy Items

starting ₹ 50/pc

Delivers in 48 Hours


Wash & Fold

Preferred for regular and formals

starting ₹ 49/Kg

Delivers in 72 Hours

Wash & Iron

Preferred for regular and formals

starting ₹ 69/Kg

Delivers in 72 Hours

Premium Laundry

Tailored specifically for formals & premium wear

starting ₹ 140/Kg

Delivers in 24 Hours

Steam Press

Removes wrinkles completely

starting ₹ 7/Pc

Delivers in 24 Hours

Shoe Cleaning

The shine that matters

starting ₹ 250/Pr

Delivers in 48 Hours

Sofa Cleaning

The shine that matters

starting ₹ 499/-

We are available now

Home Cleaning

The shine that matters

starting ₹ 2999/-

We are available now

Laundry Service in Dehradun

LaundryWala is the one stop solution for all your garment laundry & dry cleaning needs.



LaundryWala is a best laundry company, taking care of every major and minor requirement of the customers. Our experts utilize every possible method to satisfy the customers with eco-friendly washing. You just need a call away from expert services.



Maintaining a bond of reliability & trust for 100% customer satisfaction.



Keeping a hassle-free method to utilize our quality laundry services.



Tell your friends about our affordable laundry service to earn rewards.



Offering our quality services at the best prices for valued customers.



We only use quality detergents to do eco-friendly washing.



Free pickup and delivery services from LaundryWala is just a call away.



With our award-winning app, your laundry and dry cleaning needs are just a tap away

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service dehradun

LaundryWala Dry-Clean & Laundry Solutions

Dehradun is known for its delicacies and classic fashionable which dates back to past eras. People of Dehradun have kept that decorum still alive and their fine dressing is proof of that. But taking care of these dresses has never been an easy task. In modern times, this has been made possible due to evolving technologies by LaundryWala which led to the emergence of best laundry services in Dehradun.

Among all, LaundryWala is counted as the best dry cleaning service in Dehradun. It offers a wide range of services along with online laundry & dry cleaning service in Dehradun. Being a DoonWala, you can easily avail LaundryWala’s laundry and dry cleaning services. You don’t even need to step out of your house as it provides home service to free pick and drop your laundry baggage.

You can relax at home with your family or can attend to all your other work, while, LaundryWala will pick up, expertly clean, and deliver clothes to your place. Professionals at LaundryWala give best treatment to cloths as they have a sound understanding of various types of fabrics. Garments at facility center are cleaned using chemical-free detergents in advanced machinery. Moreover, cold water is used for washing to keep the color and fabric intact. Hence with all these quality services, LaundryWala have been crowned as the best dry cleaning service in Dehradun.

You can access your online account and select your cleaning preferences, like type of detergent and fabric softener that you want to be used for your clothes. Complete process is followed right after your clothes are taken for laundry. Before cleaning, pockets are thoroughly checked. Light and dark colour clothes are separated and they are never washed with anyone else’s.

Apart from the laundry, LaundryWala also offers Home Services, where in you get services like home cleaning, car cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning & sanitization. So you can get both the laundry and home cleaning solution at one place. You can avail LaundryWala Services and make your bookings by giving a phone call, through the website, or mobile application.



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Starting 8 - 12 Lakhs Only



Laundry wala is provide best services, Lets See Customer Review.

No matter what type of cloths we left for dry cleaning on Laundry Wala Stores, everything comes back immaculate, smelling wonderfully and perfectly ironed. I can’t wait to wear it, it looks like brand new. I love coming here to do my laundry. Thank You Team LaundryWala.in!

Sarah Nazim

Very good place for laundry! I had given about 10 clothes here including some heavy wedding gowns and formals! They delivered in 48 hours and the service was excellent! They are top notch in service and ensure delivery timelines

Raj Shree

Traveled from the UK found this laundry service here in Dehradun. I was so happy with the services. Everyone was so professional and the laundry was perfect! When I return again I will use this service. Prices were reasonable and the quality was excellent!

Susain Sui

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