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    Recent Reviews

    Yes, if you have ever spent 3 or 4 hours in your apartment laundry room; change your perspective. I spent one minute putting the clothes in the bags and 1 minute unpacking them after being delivered. We’ve been doing all wrong. My time is worth more!

    Priya Negi

    Finest of all dry cleaners near me. Laundrywala, is really good at dealing with delicate clothes. They have cleaned all my silk clothes and none of them got damaged during the process. I really like the team for their good work.

    Supriya Tiwary

    One of the most hassle-free laundry & dry clean services I have ever tried. Their app makes it very easy to send clothes for laundry. Also, I don’t have any tension of counting and checking clothes after delivery because they always ensure high quality service .

    Sweta Yadav